TECHNEQUALITY publications and dates due (where D stands for Deliverable and the first number is the project number). To be downloaded when ready, in the course of the year mentioned.




  • D2.2 Paper on social class and the labour market
  • D3.5 Paper on Numeracy and problem solving skills
  • D4.1 Report on Dutch field experiments on unconditional basic income (UBI)
  • D4.3 UBI policy review
  • D5.2 Report on governments (most) affected



  • D1.5 Paper on labour market impact
  • D2.1 Paper on labour market inequalities (plus report)
  • D2.3 Report on class and inequality
  • D3.3 Report on education systems and requirements
  • D3.4 Report on changing education systems
  • D3.6 Report on adult aducation
  • D5.3 Paper on effects on public finances
  • D6.1 paper on state-of-the-art
  • D6.2 Report on history and a comparison of the impact past and future technological changes