Can Europe keep up with its digital legacy and be a global rule-maker?

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Will the European Commission be able to keep up with Europe's unfinished digital legacy when the technology is evolving quickly and investments are being allocated to other parts of the world?

These and other very relevant questions will be discussed at the 2020 AI Summit on September 30 and October 1. During the summit Technequality Project Coordinator Mark Levels will be a co-chair at a round table called ''Acces to Talent'. Subjects are:

- How can the growth of the AI talent be maintained, all while ensuring that AI is not only developed by a selected few?

- How to make sure cutting-edge programmers and developers aren't leaving Europe after graduation?

- What are the skills needed for the future and how to strengthen AI skills in education?


But there are many more interesting sessions and round tables at the summit. If you need state-of-the-art information about AI and its consequences, please check the full program on the Politico website and subscribe!