Web tool Automation Impact on Employment

  • As part of the TECHNEQUALITY project, we developed quantitative future scenarios for the potential impact of technology on employment by industry sector and occupation in EU countries. The extent of the penetration of automation in industries and occupations and the speed at which automation will be adopted in the economy are the key variables in our scenarios. In plausible scenarios, that we document in D1.4 (Report on technological innovations and the labour market), we quantify the expected effects on jobs by 2030. We estimate that the number of jobs destroyed ranges from 12.5 million to 106.6 million, depending on the scenario considered. This corresponds to 5% and 44% ofthe total employment in the baseline, respectively. These are the estimated direct job destruction effects of automation but do not account for the indirect (compensatory) effects of automation on job creation. We also show that the impact of automation on work crucially depends on government interventions and policies.

    This web tool helps visualize and understand the impact on employment of the various assumptions made on the penetration of automation, the speed of deployment and potential restrictors to the adoption of automation.