07 Co-creating policies that work

How can we maximise the impact of our results and ensure that they are used for creating relevant political solutions?

TECHNEQUALITY is designed to co-create theoretical understanding, empirical research and policy work between researchers and policy stakeholders. Our findings are to be useful for policy makers from local, national and international governments who we have involved from the start of the project. This co-creation with policy-makers will lead to greater policy impact.
In this project, all TECHNEQUALITY partners will collaborate with government stakeholders to co-create concrete and actionable policy recommendations based on the main outcomes of our research. This will ensure that our work is translated into policy action. To this end, we will ensure that our results are suitable, actionable and useful. Co-creating research with policy makers will ensure that our results are aligned with policy needs. We will also organise outreach activities to disseminate our work to key policy influencers.

Cambridge Econometrics, Maastricht University.