Final Policy-Week presentations

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During this week we presented our main findings to policy-makers and discussed with them about possible implications. Because our ultimate goal is that our findings and recommendations lead to policy-changes..

During each session there was a presentation by a poject member, followed by questions and comments of a specialized policy-maker. We ended each session with one or more theses. In total there were four (lunch) sessions.

The presentations were about the policy-implications of our findings on the underneath themes:

1. Reinventing social welfare (by prof. Ruud Muffels)

2. Educating today for tomorrow's labour market (by prof Martin Ehlert)

3. The future of work in Europe (by dr. Madalina Suta and prof. Didier Fouarge)

4. Automation, taxation and public finance (by dr. Pantelis Koutroumpis and dr. Kerstin Hötte)