Technequality virtual Scientific Conference 25 and 26 November - looking back at a successful event

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As a Technequality team, we can look back on a very succesful Scientific Conference.

Have a look at the presentations by clicking at the title or the presenter below.

Of course we were not happy when we had to decide to cancel our hybrid meeting in Brussels.... we all had looked forward to seeing one another again, and on top of our program, would have had the occassion to have informal chats and during the conference diner to look back and informally evaluate the past three years of Technequality and better still - look forward and  discuss any follow-up and new opportunities. Well, we will find other opportunities for that. 

Despite the fact that our Scientific Conference was entirely online, it was very successful indeed, as most of our attendants let us know.  Although the intended audience was scienfic, we also invited policy-makers and other people from our networks. At the peak we had 53 attendants, mostly scientists but also policy-makers from different institutions.

The two day program consisted of:

- 14 paper presentations by Technequality scientists  about our latest results, each presentation followed by comments and questions of a discussant. The presentations were divided into 4 themes, being Technological Change and the labour market, education, basic income and public finances. The introduction of a discussant proved worthwhile, because it added to the quality and intensified the discussions. The presentations were: 

Alle presentations can be downloaded. 

-  Plenary keynote presentations by:

-  An panel discussion with Carlotta Perez, Glenda Quintini and Marie-Christine Fregin.