Here we find TECHNEQUALITY news items and (planned) events.

How will the gender employment gap fare in the age of automation?

Through the work for Technequality, Cambidge Econometrics' Principal Consultant Cornelia Suta explores how the age of automation could affect the gender employment gap...

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Technequality Webinars 1-3 Presentations

We will organize more webinars when new papers are finished. If you are interested, please follow us on twitter or have a regular look at the News and Events page on o...

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Technequality Webinar 3: 10 February 2021, 12.00 - 13.00h CET

Title: Which Regime Works best in Social Welfare? Comparison of Outcomes of Dutch RCT Experiments and Lessons Learned for Social Policy.

By Prof. Dr. Ruud Muffe...

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Technequality Webinar 2: 3 February 2021, 12.00 - 13.00h CET

Title: Technological Change, Skills and Labour Market Outcomes

By Prof. Dr. Tomas Korpi (Stockholm University)


Technological ch...

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Technequality Webinar 1: 20 January 2021, 12.00 - 13.00h CET

Title: Scenarios on how Technological Innovations will affect Work

By Prof. Dr. Didier Fouarge (Maastricht University).  



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Newsletter 4 - January 2021

In this 4th Newsletter we introduce our Technequality webtool, look back at Technequality in the media in 2020 and look for...

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HEInnovate Webinar ''Social and sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation" on 5 November 2020

The second HEInnovate webinar (with - amongst others - Technequality consortium members Raymond Montizaan and Cornelia Suta as speakers)  puts select themes of th...

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Dutch livecast 'From EGO to ECO' on 3 November 2020

with Technequality Project Coordinator Mark Levels as one of the speakers. Subjects are amongst others:

  • How will we work and learn in the future?

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Policy Advisory Board and Consortium Meeting 7 and 8 October 2020

During the Policy Advisory Board (PAB) we discussed with Policy Advisors about the first Technequality Policy Brief. We had interesting discussions, which will be cont...

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Newsletter 3 - 31 August 2020

How many job losses will there be in Europe by 2030? And what are two major challenges to education systems in times of technological changes?  Important question...

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